Mr. and Mrs. H, Family and Food Photographers  

Before this program were making $100 per month, now it's $8,000 - $12,000 and the sky is the limit with their new found confidence.

Miss. E., Wedding Photographer

Had only 3 weddings booked in 2016 before our program, has more than doubled her weddings for 2017 and is on track for $100K!

Miss A., Everything Photographer

Ended 2016 just shy of her $100K goal for the year as an "everything" photographer!

Miss S., Family Photographer

Started with 0 paid sessions and 0 emails. Finished with 360 emails a handful of sessions and her first $800 session!

Miss R., Newborn Photographer

Was only charging $150 before, now is getting $625 per session and has one year of marketing in place.

Miss S., Family, Wedding and Boudoir

Shooting weddings for $1200 before, now getting $2800 for each wedding. She also doubled her family sessions and bookings.

Miss J., Family, Wedding, Seniors and Commercial

Stuck at $8000 months, finished 2016 at $175K after the program. Never drops below $12K/month now.

Miss LB., Family, Event and Food Photographer

Started this business with almost nothing, now has a strong business model, clients, and a great business!

Ms. C, Everything Photographer

Makes over $150K per year, but was over her head with presenting her business the right way. Now has more clarity than ever, and is soaring!

Mrs. S., Maternity and Newborn Photographer  

Changed their family's life when she doubled her prices, her income and now has a plan to have clients year round, not just seasonally.

Mrs. C, Family, Engagements and now Wedding Photographer 

Started with nothing. No leads, clients, or business setup. Now is set up with leads and sales, plus a 12 month plan for continued growth!

Miss A., Boudoir Photographer

Was stuck at $8k months, now is bringing in $10k - $14K, and has more time to take care of her health and travel to dreamy locations!

Miss C., Family Photographer

Was ready to quit because of burnout. Had her most successful fall season ever!

Miss T., Newborn and Birthing Photographer

Booked more Birth Sessions in 2016 than she planned, and she is established as "the" photographer in her area!

Miss S., Family Photographer

Came frustrated and confused about how to build her business to reach a higher end market, now she has high end business!

Miss K., Family and Senior Photographer

Started with $80 sessions, and with this course had her highest sale of over $1000! More direction and confidence too!

Miss BT., Family Lifestyle Photographer

Started with little confidence and no clients or plan to get clients. Now a thriving business, KNOWS she's a professional photog!

Miss D., Professional Branding Photographer

Quit her job to go full time, but had no plan at all... till she worked with us... the best decision of her entire business!

Mrs. G, Family and Children's Photographer  

Was ready to give up, and now has more business than before, higher prices, and a big email list of 600 with solid marketing strategies!

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